Children’s village in Khulna

In Khulna and the surrounding area, many children from poor families or disadvantaged backgrounds grow up as orphans or half-orphans.

On August 4, 1995 the Baptist church’s long-standing plan to set up a children’s village was finally realized. Roughly 60 boys are cared for there. They grow up in a protected Christian environment, receive an education and learn how to breed fish, plant crops and take care of cows. Children are usually accepted when they reach school age and are schooled on the premises during the first three years. They then attend the local state school. On completion of grade ten they either begin professional training or continue with their college education for a further two years which enables them to study at an institution of higher education. Usually the children leave the home at this point. In certain cases the children’s village continues to offer the boys accommodation at the home even after this period.

If necessary a small bridging loan is provided. The home’s supervisors also do their best to help the children to get off to a good start in their professional lives. The Liebenzell mission provides financial support for these children to be cared for at the home.