TEE Bangladesh

Training for local church leaders

Bangladesh churches do not have the funds at their disposal to enable their young members to spend a number of years studying at bible school. To this end the TEE (out-of-school Christian training) was set up. Here the school comes to the student and not the other way round! What this means in practice is that the student has the necessary books at his disposal and works through a given number of lessons at home, according to an agreed timetable. He then arranges a tutorial with his mentor, generally a pastor or missionary, who goes through the material with the student, discusses parish work with him and organizes the exams.

800 men and women currently study the bible in Bangladesh along these lines and the CCTB (College of Christian Theology), founded in 1968, plays a key role in this. It offers regular training courses for the tutors and compiles training materials. Two-week intensive courses are offered locally or at the college itself. This gives students the opportunity to complete a course in just a couple of weeks that would normally take three months.

The Liebenzell Mission is one of the thirty member organizations of CCTB.